Town close to the frontier with Germany, the most northerly town in the Czech Republic. It was founded on a regular late gothic layout in the early 15th century. In the town you can see renaissance, baroque and classicist houses, renaissance chateau with baroque alterations surrounded by park nad two baroque chapels. Important building is also church of St. Wenceslas, originally gothic, now baroque of 1711-14.

Infocentre - Zámecká 642, 407 77 Šluknov, tel.: 412 332 711, e-mail:

Town ŠluknovTown Šluknov
Town Šluknov
Šluknov - weaver's houseŠluknov - weaver's house
Šluknov - weaver's house
St. Wenceslav churchSt. Wenceslav church
St. Václav church
Centre of the town